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We perform high quality creative and development services at very competitive local market prices. We design, create, produce and implement direct marketing solutions -- spanning from online banners and flash games, landing pages and web sites, to e-commerce solutions and RIA (rich media applications). We design and produce creatives that maximize CTR and minimize CPAs.

Game Development

With gaming expertise dating back to mid 90’s our team has the necessary skills to create powerful and engaging interactive experiences. Our team of illustrators and 3D designers are top notch and capable of tackling the most difficult demands in a fast and efficient manner. While our developers can code in C#, C++, Actionscript, Java and objective C. We produce games on time and per spec. Check out some of our work at:
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  • Unity 3D games
  • Flash games
  • FB apps
  • iPhone games
  • Android games


Mobile marketing is one of the hottest trends in the advertising industry. Everyday more and more users are accessing their daily news and content from mobile devices. O2D specializes in providing your customers with the complete digital experience. From mobiles ads, to apps and QR codes we have the knowledge and expertise to drive your product and service to your mobile clients.

  • Android app development
  • iPhone and iPad app development
  • Mobile websites
  • Mobile landing pages and micro-sites
  • QR Code marketing
  • QR code branding
    and retail services
  • Mobile Advertising
    and App marketing Strategy

Banners and Landing Pages

Great online banner ads and landing pages are the core elements to any successful online advertising campaign. They provide the user with intriguing knowledge about a product or service that ultimately creates a desire to learn more. O2D has been creating highly effective banners and landing pages for over 6 years. We have worked with major branding clients, startups and direct marketers.
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  • Flash game ads
  • Animated GIF
  • Static banners
  • Mobile banners
  • Flash landing pages
  • HTML landing pages
  • Mobile landing pages
  • WAP landing pages
  • HTML emails
  • HTML animated
    Gif emails

Marketing Services

O2D has the tools, knowledge and creativity to build a digital marketing strategy for your product or service. Our team has years of experience in both branding and direct marketing and has managed marketing budgets in excess of $100million. Our goal is to provide our clients with the marketing tools and assets to run successful campaigns with the highest ROI.

  • Develop, plan and execution of digital marketing strategies
  • Media Buying Services –Online, Mobile, Print
  • Optimization of advertising and marketing campaigns.
  • Provide startups and smaller companies with marketing tools

Websites and online business solutions

Websites and online business solutions (everything from Branding, Direct Marketing, ecommerce, and application development) Websites should be visually eye catching and provide a positive image of your company or service, but they also need to have a clear goal. From creating energy and buzz for your Brand to driving sales for your direct Marketing program, O2D has the know-how. Our team of creative designers, developers and marketers can develop a website to meet your needs. Our Development team has experience in working with client backend systems as well as creating new backend systems and databases.
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  • Website Design
  • Flash websites
  • Applications
  • Social Network applications
  • Programming
  • PHP Frameworks/Libraries
  • Content Managment System
    (CMS) websites Flash and HTML
  • JavaScript Frameworks
  • E-commerce / Magento-driven
  • HTML Emails
  • Delivery programs & templates
  • Databases

Audio/Video + Postproduction

We have perfected our audio and video production experience. Well - video is worth a thousand words (or frames!). Take a look!

  • Video Shooting
    & Editing
  • Audio Recording
    & Editing
  • 2D illustration
    & animation
  • 3D model creation
    & animation
  • Web & Streaming
    Media Creation
  • TV Commercials and
  • Instructional Videos
    & eLearning Tools
  • Format Conversions
    for Your Website


  • Websites
  • Web portals
  • Wordpress
  • Blogs
  • Landing Pages
  • Newsletters
  • Flash banners
  • Flash games
  • Static banners
  • Facebook apps
  • Facebook games
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • CDs
  • Billboards
  • Business Cards
  • Logos


  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CMS
  • Shell Script
  • C++
  • CSS
  • Smarty
  • Joomla
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • Magento
  • Wordpress
  • ActionScript
  • jQuery
  • CodeIgniter
  • XML
  • C


  • Audio production
  • Video production
  • 3D rendering/animation
  • 2D illustration/animation
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